Drop-off customers can enjoy their time while Blusion does the dirty work. Drop-off your items during business hours and we will wash-dry-fold.

Email us at dropoff@blusionwash.com with any questions about the service.

 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Drop off & pick up anytime during business hours.
Turn around time depends on the amount and time of drop off.



Personal Items
$10 minimum
Twin/ Full Comforter
Queen Comforter
Contact us for specialty items
Debit/Credit Payment.

How It Works...

For starters, we NEVER combine your clothing with other customers' clothing. It's weird.
1. Drop-off your items during business hours & have it weighed by the pound (nonpersonal items priced separately). As a reference point, an average laundry hamper holds about 20-25 lbs.

For Weekdays: Normal turn around time is same day pick up after 5pm if dropped off by 10am.
For Weekends: We still try to do same day pick up for items dropped off by 11am, however since these are our busiest day it may be a 24 hour turn around period.
*Additional time may be needed for drop-off items exceeding 50lbs. Feel free to discuss pick up concerns with our attendent or call ahead to discuss.

2. We wash all items with our cold-water, germ-killing technology. We use Arm & Hammer's hypo-allergenic baking soda based detergent for all our washes and offer either scented or unscented options so please let the attendent know if you any skin allergies! You are also more than welcome to bring in your preffered laundry detergent for us to wash your items with.

3. As default, we dry all items on medium heat.

4. All items are then folded and sorted by type and color, then bagged for your pick up. We will call to let you know your items are ready for pick-up. We will call with reminders if not picked up on day of contact, however please read our Terms of Service carefully as we are not responsible for items left over 30 days.

Call us at (404) 549-7964 or email dropoff@blusionwash.com with any questions you have about our Wash-Dry-Fold service.

Wash-Dry-Fold Terms of Service

Blusion Wash + Dry is not responsible for:
* clothing items that bleed, shrink, or otherwise change as a result of normal washing.
* lost articles unless proven we were responsible for loss.
* any items left in our store over 30 days.
* items labeled "hand wash only" or "dry clean only" and not responsible for checking labels. Please check before droping your items off.
* loss of or damage to any personal or non-cleanable items left in clothing such as money, jewerly, cufflings, belts, or anything else. Though we try as hard as possible to track these items, we are not responsible for them.
* damage to your garments from items left in pockets (lipstick, pen, gum, lighter, etc.)

Blusion Wash + Dry does not guarantee removal of all stains.
Blusion Wash + Dry reserves the right to refuse customers or refuse cleaning any item.
Blusion Wash + Dry will NOT clean clothing infested with bed bugs, mites, fleas or any such contagious parasites or insects.
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